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Exclusive Affiliate Club

A complete training program and support club that will provide you with a done for you affiliate system to help you become a Clickfunnels Super Affiliate within the next 90 days or less. In fact, the goal is to help you become a super affiliate on ANY network!

Hey, Franklin here and we want to show you can realistically make a $4000+ a month in recurring income within the next 90 days by becoming a ClickFunnels affiliate.

So as you saw in the video above, I decided to combine ClickFunnels with my Affiliate Club because it’s the industry’s best software to create funnels. In fact, I built this exact page that you are reading myself by using ClickFunnels It’s drag and drop, simple! 

I’ve been using this tool for the past 2 years and I can tell you that I have no plans to stop using it (unless I wanted to stop making money). That’s how good it is. 

Apart from that, you can also refer people to ClickFunnels and make recurring and high ticket commissions. For every person that buys ClickFunnels using your link, you will earn $40 PER month. You can also promote high ticket items. 

It’s very easy to start and create a full time business with ClickFunnels because all you have to do is send people to sign up to the 14 day free trial. 

Let me break down the numbers for you… 

If you follow what I teach you and give away at least 1 FREE trial a day this is what your income could look like in the next 100 days…

As you can see, if you just focus on referring 2 people per day to the free trial you can easily generate a 6 figure income income. The best part is these are recurring commissions, you just have to focus on sending people and you will get paid every month. 

Apart from that, you can promote their information products and make HUGE commissions. For example, you can give away this book called “Experts Secrets” for FREE, and you can make up to $927.00 per sale once someone makes the purchase on the higher priced programs.

All you have to do is tell people to get the FREE book through your unique affiliate link then regardless if they buy today, or in 6 months, the sale is still tracked back to you and you will make the commission. 

Once you promote ClickFunnels and someone buys through your link the person is coded to you. So any additional products they purchase you will get a commission without needing to do any additional work. 

Besides having the ability to promote ClickFunnels as an affiliate I’m going to teach you how to master affiliate marketing and sales funnels. 

You will be learning from someone who actually has real world results and proven method that work time and time again. 

By teaming up with me there is no way you can fail, 90% of the work is always done for you. Do you want to know how much time it took to to create this funnel you are on right now? 

I put over 100 hours into this and you get it all handed to you! get to use this right away without doing any additional work! 

The ONLY way you could fail here is by not taking this opportunity! 

Still not familiar with ClickFunnels? Check out this video that tells you how it works and how simple it is to start making money with sales funnels.


Another amazing advantage of becoming a ClickFunnels affiliate is their “Dream Car” program. 

ClickFunnels will give you $500 a month towards your Dream Car when you have 100 members and they will give you $1000 a month when you signup 200 members. 

Sounds good right?

This is why you want to take the next step right now… 

You get to work closely with me inside the super exclusive group. I job is to be online and help you with anything you need. I’m literally going to be your affiliate partner. 

ClickFunnels has the best affiliate program online right now because of all the products they offer…. and they convert! So as the saying goes, you want to get in on the gold rush asap.

How Am I Qualified To help You?

I’m going to give it to you straight… I get results! Not only for me but for my students. 

Over the last 2 years alone I’ve built two online companies to over a million in sales. I’v done over $300,000 in affiliate commissions in the last 12 months alone. 

I’ve participated in affiliate competitions and always finish in the top 5.

BUT whats more important? I’ve generated millions in student results and that’s what really counts. 

My income, things I own and what I’ve achieved doesn’t help you one bit. 

Working with someone that has results is very important, but now you might be thinking to yourself, “very cool, but can you help me?” 

You’ve probably bought multiple programs before that left you alone once you made the purchase, and all the information that you got made you be more confused than you were before. 

Which brings me to my students… 

They were in the exact same spot as you, now they can proudly be put on this page for their amazing results! 

Let’s take a look at just some of the people I have helped achieve success. I have folders of results but we would need a bigger page to load them all!

I Want To See You Here Next!

Brent just sent me this actually! 

That $2,000 comes in monthly from one of his Social Media clients. I’ve been helping him secure clients for his online business. 

He will soon have this scaled to over $20,000 a month in recurring payments! he got super excited when this one came in. 

There is nothing better than getting online payments into your account.

One of my first ever students Phil did over $500,000 in his online store in just 9 months! 

Phil took the leap and took action. 

9 Months later he was posting this screenshot in my group with a sexy $500,000 in sales! 

Absolutely massive achievement from using my proven methods and strategies. 

These results are just absolutely insane. Think about that for a second….. $500,000 in sales! 

Phil was one of the first to join my eCom programs and he’s crushing it!

Then we have Omar smashing $80,000 in one month! 

Using the right strategies he was able to take his online store from $0 all the way up to $80,000 a month. 

As you might see in the picture he said “follow what works” That’s exactly why Im giving you my funnels that work!

After 1 year of partnering with me Brian is doing over $102,000 a Month! That’s over 1 million dollars a year. 

His plan is to now get to $150,000 a month! 

Brian was a complete beginner and had never made money online before!

A Few Words From Students In My World Famous eCom Training!

You Must Get It Through This Link To Get Into The Affiliate Club (email me when done)

Here’s What You Get When You Join Frank’s Affiliate Club!

What’s In It For You?


1.) Full Sales Funnel Training

($997 value)

Most people that ever try to promote any affiliate offers like Clickfunnels struggle to even make a couple of sales. 

On the other hand, successful affiliates that make thousands of dollars per month in recurring income know how to create irresistible offers that people simply can’t say “no” to. 

Inside the Affiliate Club, you will learn the step-by-step process to start making awesome high converting funnels! 

This same information could potentially make you a 6 figure affiliate marketer if you put in the work and treat this as a real business.


2.) Done For You High Converting Sales Funnel

($12,997 value)

Sales funnels are basically money machines if you do them the right way. On one side you get visitors entering the funnel, and on the other side, you make sales. 

This is exactly why I charge at least $12,997 to make a high converting sales funnel. Because it can potentially make you 2X or even 3X the amount of money. Plus, you get to keep the funnel and use it for future businesses. 

There is a lot of work involving the creation of a sales funnel. Copywriting, the psychology behind it, the structure, design and the workflow. 

When you join the Affiliate Club, you will get to use my exact sales funnels that I use to sell Clickfunnels and other program for free. 

All you have to do is click one button to download my funnel into your Clickfunnels account, and instantly start using it. This way I’m doing 90% of the work for you. 

This will help you start making money while learning to master the skills yourself. After you go through the video training you will learn to create these funnels yourself for the future.


3.) Done-For-You Email Swipes

($1997 value)

Building a successful sales funnel involves different components. It’s kind of like building a puzzle. 

Part of building a sales funnel is the email sequence that you use to take people to take action and the random emails that you send to your email list. 

Writing emails is not as easy as you think. It involves copywriting skills and knowing how to persuade people to take a specific action. 

At this point, you might be wondering what kind of emails to write, and how to structure them properly. 

When you join the Affiliate Club you will get my own email swipes that I use for my business so you can model them and start making commissions.


4.) Rocket Traffic Generation

($997 value)

In the past years I’ve generated over 300,000 leads combining all my businesses which have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit. 

Leads are the energy source of every business. If you have no leads (people that go through your funnel and give you their email address), you won’t make any sales regardless if you are selling an amazing product like Clickfunnels. 

When you get into the Affiliate Club you will also get access to my Rocket Traffic Generation Video which will teach you my exact advertising techniques to send people to your funnel.


5.) Leverage My Bonuses To Get Sales

($2997 value)

So by this point, I’m giving you all the cool stuff above but the key ingredient that you’re missing to have massive success is… 

A bonus stack to offer people in exchange for them to sign up using your affiliate link. 

The difference between a regular affiliate, and a super affiliate, is that the super affiliate offers bonuses so people immediately sign up using his link. 

Now, I understand that when you’re starting out you don’t have bonuses created. 

So what I’m doing is for people that sign up to my Affiliate Club I will allow you to use my bonuses to help you get more people to sign up using your link. 

This will save you a ton of time, energy, money and resources. 

So basically you’re telling people you will give them a ton of bonuses (which are really my own), and when it’s time for you to give them the bonuses you just send them to my mastermind where they receive all the value. This is something I’ve never done before.


6.) Private Club Facebook Group

($997 value)

This is a group of action takers, people to support each other, case studies, questions getting answered and tech support. 

In the group, you will have exclusive access to me and this is for members only so it will be full of other members sharing ideas and methods!


Extra Bonus! Lead Generation Authority

($497 value)

This is a complete training course and book on how to generate leads to your funnels. This is actually created by a good friend of mine who has done millions online! 

You will learn all the top secrets he’s used to build multiple online 7 figure business over the years. 

I wasn’t going to give this away but Its hard not to share it!

You’re in good hands, I will literally guide you and help you every step on the way to become a super affiliate! I’ve designed this push and play system because I know that’s what you get stuck with when you try to start an online business. 

Let’s get you to the Gucci Shop so you can buy some sweet Orange things to put on your feet! I didn’t actually buy those I’m playing….. Serious Internet Marketers are boring. Let’s Go!

Total Combined Value:


To Get The Bonuses Please Email me Below After Getting Your Trial

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